About Us

FaceKindle is a unique ecosystem for crypto, based on a powerful social media platform. In addition to the social platform, it comprises multiple utilities that can be accessed with a single wallet and through a single digital token, the FaceKindle token. In other words, FaceKindle will provide a single space for all that a crypto user is looking for. Our vision is a single wallet system that gives our users, access to multiple utilities. Our mission is to create a more transparent, fair, secure, and efficient ecosystem for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economies.

FaceKindle (FKD) Is a one-stop-shop for Advertising, Forex trading, Binary Options, and e-commerce. With FKD coin users will be able to:

1. ADVERTISE on FaceKindle social media platform providing an entirely new dimension for cutting edge personal and professional. In fact, it will be a game-changer for the advertising industry by eliminating worries in the advertising sphere.

2. Forex Trading, the client can fund their FX account at any point in time while trading. FKD blockchain will provide a fast and secure payment option to traders with very low transaction costs

3. Trade in Forex gaming platform also known as Binary Options. Users can fund accounts through FKD as well as they can bet through coins on the platform.

4. Shop on superstore designed for crypto enthusiasts

5. Entertainment, FaceKindle will be a one-stop-shop for entertainment by launching its audio and video platform



Mission and Vision

We want to create a magnificent, groundbreaking ecosystem that combines elements of social media, financial trading with cutting-edge technology to lead the world into the future. A future that is replete with exceptional profit for our investors as well as firm, knowledge, and well-being. FaceKindle presents the best social media platform for our clients to create their identity but at the same platform provides them with the best opportunity to earn money. FaceKindle is the nuclear solution for all needs for an individual as well as professional. Individuals can enjoy every moment of life by sharing photos, videos, chat messages, and many more tools on our social media platform. On the other hand, professionals can market their products and services to our community.


FaceKindle plans to raise $20M with the first $10M through its utilities and the rest $10M through private ICO sales and will issue 120 Million Tokens. Out of 120 Million, 100Mln is pre-mined and 20 MLN for Mining 


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